Areas of Practice

Agriculture & Farm Law

Our firm has had several lawyers over the years with direct involvement in farming. This has resulted in first-hand knowledge and the ability to provide comprehensive advice on farming-related issues, including:

  • Taxation
  • Sale and purchase of farmland, livestock, and equipment
  • Corporate and partnership structuring
  • Financing
  • Farm debt
  • Crop share and cash rental contracts
  • Rollover, succession, and estate planning

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Corporate & Business

Our firm has extensive experience providing a wide range of legal services to our corporate and business clients, both large and small. We provide comprehensive services and advice in all areas, including:

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Preparation of shareholder and director minutes and agreements
  • Directors liability
  • Acting as registered office
  • Partnership and sale proprietorship business structures
  • Commercial real estate and leasing
  • Corporate financing
  • Security agreements
  • Purchase and sale of business
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Agricultural corporations
  • Amalgamations
  • Divisions and dissolutions

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Criminal Law

Everyone accused of a criminal offence, whether under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act or the Income Tax Act, as well as offences under legislations such as the Traffic Safety Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act, is entitled to a strong defence. Our lawyers have extensive experience defending all manner of charges and will work hard to obtain the very best outcome. Several of our lawyers also have experience as former prosecutors under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act with special insights into defending those offences.
We regularly review disclosure, conduct bail hearings, preliminary hearings, trials at both Provincial Court and Court of King’s Bench, and appeals at the Court of Appeals.
If you have been charged with a criminal or regulatory offence, including impaired driving, assault, drug offences, traffic tickets or anything else, contact our office.

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Debtor/Creditor Law

Our firm has wide experience in providing advice to persons and businesses who are owed money and wish to collect on their debt. We also provide advice to those individuals and companies who owe money and wish to see their rights protected while at the same time insuring an equitable repayment to their creditors.
Our services include the following:

  • Registration of Security Agreements
  • Seizure of personal and real property
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Garnishment of wages and bank accounts
  • Foreclosure actions
  • Law suits
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency advice
  • Debt restructuring
  • Receivership
  • Farm debt negotiation

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Family Law

Our office has a large and busy family law practice, an area which presents many challenges emotionally and legally for our clients. We use negotiation, mediation, and the court process to assist our clients in achieving a solution that meets their needs.

We provide legal advice regarding your rights and obligations in areas such as:

  • Separation agreements
  • Divorce
  • Custody of children
  • Access and Parenting Arrangements for children
  • Child Support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of matrimonial property
  • Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship of dependent adults
  • Restraining orders

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Insurance Law

We provide advice for our clients for a wide variety of insurance related issues. We can assist you in completing claims for property loss, disability insurance, and life insurance, and ensure you receive all of your insurance benefits.

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Labour & Employment Law

Our office provides a unique perspective for our clients, as we act for both management and employees. We provide options to help you respond effectively to workplace challenges. We also provide arbitration, mediation and litigation services, depending upon your requirements. We work before a wide variety of federal, provincial, and municipal regulatory tribunals.

Our lawyers act in areas such as:

  • Labour arbitration
  • Representation of employers and labour unions
  • Employment contracts
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Workers' compensation claims
  • Certification and decertification of workplaces
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Employment discrimination and human rights
  • Enforcement of the rights of statutory office holders
  • Harassment in the workplace

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Civil Litigation

When efforts to negotiate a settlement of your dispute have failed, it may be necessary or advisable to commence litigation, commonly referred to as a law suit, or to defend a claim made against you. Litigation can be in the context of many areas of law and our lawyers have broad experience in all levels of court in Saskatchewan, Federal Court, and various administrative boards and tribunals to commence or defend an action on your behalf. Some of the areas in which litigation may arise are:

  • Agriculture and farm law
  • Debtor/Creditor Law
  • Corporate, Commercial, and Business law
  • Malicious Prosecutions
  • Labour and Employment law
  • Wills, Estate Planning, and Trusts
  • Insurance Law
  • Tax Law
  • Personal Injury

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Mediation & Arbitration

While negotiation enters into most areas of law in varying degrees, there are specific alternatives to solving some legal disputes between parties rather than using the court process.


Mediation is a process involving parties and a mediator, a person trained to assist them in reaching an agreement without involving the courts. Mediators are unbiased, impartial, and neutral. They help facilitate discussion, creating an atmosphere which lets you create a solution for your problem. Ron Parchomchuk is a certified mediator who is able to help parties reach an agreement on their terms. Where mediation is unsuccessful, litigation remains an option.


Arbitration is a process available or mandated in certain types of disputes where an arbitrator chosen by the parties or already established as a tribunal or board will be enlisted to make a binding decision in a dispute. Our lawyers represent clients before arbitration panels, tribunals, and municipal, provincial and federal boards.

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Municipal Law

We have extensive experience acting on behalf of individuals, and local governments such as rural and urban municipalities, school boards, and health districts. Our services include:

  • Bylaw drafting and enforcement
  • Construction projects
  • Employment issues
  • Expropriation
  • Municipal liability litigation
  • Tax enforcement
  • Zoning variance

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Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured in any way it is vitally important that you consult with legal counsel to determine where the responsibility lies and to ensure your rights are protected. We have extensive experience with personal injury claims in these areas:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Workers' compensation claims
  • SGI no fault insurance
  • Private disability insurance claims
  • Canada Pension Plan disability claims
  • Sexual and physical abuse
  • Medical malpractice

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Real Estate

We assist hundreds of people every year with the purchase and sale of homes and commercial properties. We routinely prepare and view all documents involved in residential, commercial, and farm transactions, and we work with major banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

In addition to purchasing and selling transactions, we also deal with other aspects of real estate, including:

  • Lease and lease enforcement
  • Assistance with mortgage bonds and leasehold financing
  • Development agreements, licensing, and constructions contracts
  • Encroachment agreements
  • Preparation of mortgages and trust deeds as well as debentures and financing agreements
  • Development and registration of easements
  • Register documents with the land system, ISC
  • Negotiating land acquisition and sales acquisition as well as disposition
  • House and condominium projects
  • Personal property security agreements and secured transactions
  • Zoning, and subdivision applications
  • Leasing and refinancing of property
  • Syndications, joint ventures, co-ownership, corporations, and partnership structures
  • Takeover financing and commercial leasing
  • Builders' liens and conveyancing

Our clients include owners, investors, brokers, trusts, foundations, not-for-profit, private and public corporations, municipalities, developers, landlords, tenants, life insurance companies, and syndicates.

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Wills, Estates & Trusts

Estate planning involves important decisions regarding your future and the future of those you love. Whether you want to provide for your child, your spouse, a charity, or family business, we are able to help. We work with you to plan your estate, and assist your executors to deal efficiently with estate matters, keeping in mind your wishes.

Our lawyers provide the following services:

  • Planning and drafting of wills
  • Applications for grants of probate and administration
  • Living Wills or healthcare directives
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Family Trusts
  • Planning charitable donation

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